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Lea Evergreen Awaken
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Awaken the Heart with Movement Meditation

It's my deep nature and love of consciousness and truth that opened me to a path of heartfelt conscious movement.


I am a teacher of gentle movements that open profound states of expansiveness.

The 'Form Reality Practice' and 'CosmoForm' are a series of structured sequential codes that move the deeper body into oneness with our deepest source.


In knowing this fullness the body becomes truly embodied as a temple of love. 


There was a subtle lure that drew me towards learning 'The Form'

Following my curiosity , I attended Lea and Adrian's workshop where I experienced what felt like the first time in forever an inner stillness and an "i am okayness' of self. 

I have meditated and maintained a spiritual practice for almost 30 years yet....on one Saturday afternoon in one simple movement that would be accessible for all, I in the most gentle of movements re- met myself and felt so soundly and safely connected to grace.

From this moment on, I have continued the learning in Lea's guidance. As a teacher, she has the perfect balance - she is student and practitioner herself, a real and relatable human. Her grace, softness,humor...the perfect holding container required to explore this work, she teaches in a way that to embody the dance is simply done in ease.

I feel, free and in absence of the busy mind, inner critic that might otherwise persist in the background. I feel love for self, for others and of life. 

A seeming simple dance that moves inner and outer mountains. The Form and my experience to date gives me freshly inspired faith of the Hearts of our World and for our beautiful planet. "

In gratitude Laura