Lea Evergreen Awaken
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Awaken the Heart with Movement Meditation

It's my deep nature and love of consciousness and truth that opened me to a path of heartfelt conscious movement.


I am a teacher of gentle movements that open profound states of expansiveness.

The 'Form Reality Practice' and 'CosmoForm' are a series of structured sequential codes that move the deeper body into oneness with our deepest source.


In knowing this fullness the body becomes truly embodied as a temple of love. 

Lea Evergreen CosmoForm


Two Hour

Taster Sessions

CosmoForm is a unique meditation that incorporates a sequence of movements suitable for adults and children, taking about 5 mins to complete.  Teachable  within Festivals and at studios or as a complete workshop.


These movement

* ground through the feet into earths field to deeply know embodiment

* open the heart as a portal to interconnectedness of all there is

* dissolves all emotional and mental tensions

* brings  bright awareness to the vast infinite potential

By the end of the session you will know the movements of CosmForm and be able to include this into your daily life and embodiment practices.


The incredible simplicity of CosmoForm opens up to the incredible preciousness that can be known, expressed and experienced in the tender human body.

Lea Evergreen The Form

'The Form'

Full Day Workshops

This practice is taught worldwide by accredited supported and trained teachers who are heart ready and world ready.

What is it?

The Form is a Movement Meditation. looking like Tai Chi or Qigong. Its a delicate dance of five parts that are moved in a sequence of increasing frequencies

What does it in involve?

Uniquely two people can share 'The Form' One sits in a chair meditatively with while another dances in a sequence slow gentle of movements. A solo practitioner dances around a chair.

What are the movements for?

These movements are of the beyond. They open through the physical body and into the deeper mystical bod calling forth the greater frequencies that support embodied integrating.

Where did it come from?

Bernie Prior, known as B, in his experiences of Self Realisation and began to move in ways that came from the new place he was now knowing.

Why is 'The Form' beneficial?

During Self Realisation some of the most humbling and unusual experiences are know. Paradoxically we become infused with brightness and love and also willing to change old patterns and traumas. 'The Form' directly addresses all these complexities that one moves through as they evolve.

        I want to give appreciation to my teachers -Bernie Prior  of www.bprior.org, from whom The Form originated and 

        Dr Pee Tek Chan of www.peetekchan.com.

'The Form opens deep into our integral self, transforming and transcending individual limitations and past patterning. Activating the inner healer, dissolving and uplifting subconscious fear and trauma into the light of conscious knowing and awareness.


This is a practical reality in Self Mastery, awakening us to our highest potential and the majesty of our true creativity in responding to life, love and relationship challenges.


Demonstrating our innate capacity in moving our human body as a living powerful prayer beyond words, sourcing from the deepest Origin of Love'. - Dr Pee Tek Chan 

 'The Form Reality Practice matches your deep Knowing as Awareness with the movement of your life, giving you unending access to profound Consciousness creating profound forms as the expression of your Being.


It speeds up the process of you knowing that you are Divine and entering that place.


The Form brings about the awakening of YOU as Awareness-Knowing having a body, having a self, moving Life forward.'  - B Prior