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Behind the Seams of a Woman's Waldrobe

Behind the Seams of a Woman's Wardrobe🧵

Is it possible the contents of a woman's wardrobe are a metaphor for her physical and metaphysical body?

Is it possible that the garments she hangs in her wardrobe are the hangups she holds within herself and takes out each day to wear?

Are there voices hidden in the pockets that dictate to her what she needs to wear to hide the too big, too small, too wrinkly or wobbly bits?

Does she hear these voices or are they well tamed and silenced? What if she was to let these voices free to be brought back to the loving awareness that she is?

I am knowing that these voices are an overlay the world places onto Woman to make her label and describe herself. I have also come to know that beyond this a Woman is - inseparable from her body parts🦶, inseparable from her children👨‍👩‍👧, inseparable from her sisters👭, inseparable from her man👫, inseparable from the earth🌏, inseparable from the cosmos✨ and inseparable from Source.🌊

She can express herself with the SEAMLESS knowing she is one with all beings and timelessly whole.

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