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Clothing in Your Compost!

Have you considered what happens to your clothes after you have finished wearing them?

I take mine to the opp shop and from then on they leave my awareness.

Until one day recently when I began to consider that I was really running an eco business and all that I strive to do is in service to humanity to return us to natural origins.🍃

With some research I realised that my love of natural fibres had nothing to be with being elitist it was ethical and in service to mother earth.🌏

Natural fibres will decompose in your compost! You and I can complete they cycle of clothing in our own back yards. There is no reason to see landfills become over populated with clothing when you chose wisely.

In your compost - 🌾 Linen will decompose in 2 weeks 🌿 Cotton In 6 months 🐑 Wool In One year 🌱 Bamboo In 1 year 🐛 Silk In Four years 👎 Polyester and nylon In 200 years 👎 Plastic tags and tabs 400 years

Why don't you try burying some stained or torn clothes in your compost and see what happens. First remove the tags, labels and zips.

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