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The Fullness of Freedom

It bothers me that our society is using words in ways that aren't true of their deepest meaning.

When Freedom is said to belong to an arbitrary or externally imposed standard, I question if that is Freedom.

What then is Freedom from a deep spiritual place?

As I traverse society where there are restrictions, Freedom herself draws me down and into a deeper dialogue to discover the places within that always have been Free.

No matter what external reference points there are, freedom contains no matter. It is not of the flesh and blood stuff.

No matter where external reference points direct us, freedom is nowhere, it can't not be found on the needles of a compass.

No matter when external reference points direct us, freedom has no time frame, it can not be found on the hands of the clock.

No matter what external reference points show us, freedom had has no concept that needs defining, it can not be found in a dictionary.

Statements that dictate, 'You will be free if ...' are not speaking of True Freedom.

They are speaking of conditions.

It would be the truth to state it is a condition of your freedom that you...

Does True Freedom have conditions?

Freedom happens on many level - within ourselves, within our relationships, within our families, within societies, within our world.

Right now we have is an undeniable opportunity to explore, express and discover the True Freedom that lies within ourselves.

I am discovering that Freedom through meditative nature walks, nature sits and nature conversations. Her presence constantly reminds me of the deep eternally free nature. I am constantly in a free flow of full presence with my True Nature. The free flow wells up from a placeless place, a timeless place and undefinable place where there are no reference points or restrictions.

Knowing this internally becomes a free flow of knowing this externally, and therefore that eternal freedom then does flow into the places, spaces and definitions that are not of Freedom's True Nature.

Embedding this silent, still knowing while I move through the False Freedoms soothes the bothered Lea.

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