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Losing My Domestic Self

I left my shoes and went in bare foot,

losing my domestic self to discover my mystery self.

As we entered this forest to collect cabbage tree palm leaves for weaving fibres,

I was confronted with what I was expected to go through to get fibres.

There were swampy ponds and what wasn't water was very spongy plant mass to walk on.

Either you walked in ankle deep water or into spongy soil that you sank ankle deep into.

There were fallen logs that we used to cross some water.

For a while I had a fear of what was in the water or under the plant matter.

And then I began to move as one with the land, losing reference to me as a person in the forest.

I walked through with precision and poise no matter what was beneath my feet.

I dropped into awe moved by mystery.

Moved by a whispering web between the plants and me as one forest family.

I was taken deep into the forest away from my crew to collect, I could just hear Ingrid's voice to bring me back.

Holistic Weaving from native fibres can bring us into a place of knowing our true nature and dropping into our deeper mystery body. ------ Here is a picture of Stacey, photo by Emily King - both Bare Weaving Babes.


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