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Heart Rocks

In lockdown I discovered a secret garden overgrown and tucked away. Riley and I wondered how we could find the owners and do some regenerating. Next time we drove by a big KEEP OUT sign was nailed up on a tree.

We also began walking up a mountain behind us that we though was State Forest and then we met the private owner who initially gave us permission to walk there and then later revoked that.

This left a sour sadness in relation to our neighbors, some of whom wanted to lock us out.

I knew that the consciousness of lockdowns was permeating peoples behavior yet I felt lost , without a strong sense of belonging.

This week it shifted, on my morning beach walk I came across this rocky outcrop decorated with hundreds of heart rocks.

Humans picked up heart rocks and placed them all together as one homage to the Heart.

I used to find heart rocks every day when walking at the beach in my previous home in Woopi.

My friends and I We gifted each other heart rocks.

I haven't seen any heart rocks here on this new stretch of beach at Sawtell.

Until I saw a whole alter of heart rocks.

That's when I knew, that home was where mother earth blessed me to be, not where people do or don't Welcome me.

Arriving at the Alter of Heart Rocks each day I stop and drop into sacredness.

💜There still is sacredness on our planet.

🧡Love can envelope the darkness.

💛Love is stronger.

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