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I am NOT into Fashion!

And YET here I am operating a Preloved Clothing Boutique called 'Dresses In The Deep'

Recently a beautiful woman visited the Dress Den and stayed for 3 hours trying on many items of clothes and shoes. This lovely one was continually looking through baskets and boxes and racks and I heard her say often - 'This is not my size/colour/style, but I will give it a go anyway.' All the outfits that she took home were bold surprises.

As the conversation deepened I could see that when she put on clothes with vibrant floral designs, the depth of her Beingness rose so finely to the surface that she shone like the eternal sun. I began to gather courage in the meeting and asked her if she liked flowers and gardening. And she confided to me that she loves indoor plants and that she tenderly cares for an indoor rainforest within her home. She loves to go around with her watering can and see who needs water and who doesn't.

With daringness to speak more depth I said to her, 'I really see the brightness of the divine feminine principle shining through you as you wear the clothes that bring through your great connection to mother earth.' And we both smiled radiantly at each other.

This kind of daringness inspires me to know that women can move past the 'Shame Spiral Story', which Shame researcher Brene Brown describes, suggesting that body image is the number one shame story for women.

As some women bring me their clothes I hear these shame stories coming through. These are not solitary stories! They are deeply embedded within us all. I have seen myself in a window while walking past and noticed my dress show my seeming fat arms and I have immediately given that dress away!

This leads me to know that I am NOT into fashion - I am here to meet people deeply and remind them who they are beyond whatever outward appearances may display. I am here to evoke the eternal heart that shines from our deepest source and illuminates our bodies. I am here to offer Dresses from The Deep.

Below is a photo of my dearest friends at our last dress up date. I have never included this photo in any promotional material as I have a story running around my fat arms. And it's time I burst out of this story! Here I am fat arms and all!

Thank You to Avalon Darnesh, Chaitanya Morly Southall, Sara McCafferty and Donna Hunt our photographer.

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