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Loss is the meeting of new pathways of Remembering

Today I was sharing sacred conversation with one who had suddenly just lost their beloved dog, who went to the vet for an arthritis check up and was found to have vigorous cancer and didn't come home.

This loss flushed profound grief in my friend and the crying has been happening for days.

Through the conversation we shared, we began to hear this thread from spirit coming through:

Loss is not losing a someone or something that is no longer with us.

It is something entirely different.

It is an opportunity, many golden doorways to open into and through, to meet new pathways of remembering.

We come back to our pulsing love, our exquisitely delicate tenderness, our shaky human rawness, and our deep tendrils of instinctive care and communion with beings of this planet.

Our tears are drops of the salty element of the ocean, the basic building blocks of all matter on dear Mother Earth.

Our tears meet the oceans of love we have within us that long to pour forth in wild abandoned glee of love and service to the other beings on our planet.

Our tears clear the way, washing unconsciously held gates of reservation.

They flood through releasing the very substance of our humanity - the dew, the nectar, the juice of our inner well - whose purpose is to reach out and connect and CARE.

What losses have you experienced recently? What new openings of Awareness have flooded in from this experience?

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