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Nungeena -Tya

I want to offer you some tips on becoming alert to the exquisiteness of being an earth wise consumer of fabrics, textiles and clothing.

'Nugeena-Tya' as spoken by the Wirradjirri Nation are the words for earth mother. She who is the holder of abundant nurturence for all the beings who reside on her.

In our rampant consumer culture we have dulled our awareness to consume rather than commune. Slices of Humanity are waking up to this and we are beginning to see how we can return to the folds of earth mothers care.

There are many ways we can specialise in doing this. The way I have developed a passion for is to create a Preloved Clothing Store and called it 'Dresses In The Deep' because its more that commerce its about the deeper connection to the vibrant field of Oneness.

I roam far and wide to comb places where unusual garments and textiles might be unearthed. I can read the codes of the fibre well before I touch it.

The receptors in my eyes, her eyes know -

The way the garment is falling,

the the way the colours dye,

the way the fibre is wearing,

the way the seams are holding and

the way the lustre is shining.

And then I do touch the fibre and the receptors in my skin, her skin know-

the sensations of the texture,

the warmth of the fibre,

the openess of the weave,

the aliveness in the fibre field.

I have practiced without knowing it for many years the art of being in tune with earth mothers fibres. I can tune into a fibre and read if it is a natural fibre and then check the label and confirm.

Recently I attended a workshop lead by a woman teaching the Indigenous Lores from the Wirradjirri People. I learnt much about the traditional ways of a culture based on atunement to Nungeena Tya. Many ancient stories and wise ways of living were shared. One small part of this was an exercise were we were given little bags of fibres and asked to guess with our eyes closed which ones were natural fibres.

That when I made the connection between my crazy passion for preloved clothes from natural fibres and atunement to earth mother. I am on a path of service to her and her abundant resources.

There is a spectacularly good reason for choosing natural fibres,

they have longevity,

they have resonance,

they have aliveness,

they have beauty,

they are made of her and will return to her.

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