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Why Natural?

Why Natural Fibres?

I grew up in Central West NSW on a sheep, wheat and cattle farm, where I shared a love of caring for the animals with my father.

I learnt to drive by driving our ute at a snail's pace while my dad fed the sheep hay off the back of the ute during the drought.

I assisted my dad as he helped the bleating mother sheep to birth their babies.

I smelt the sweet musty smell of the wool and touched the oily lanoline fleeces as I helped out in the shearing season.

A deep connection with animals and earth settled into me during my childhood. I enjoyed researching and studying wool and its properties during high school textiles.

Wool has such awesome properties, making it a real pleasure to wear. It is breathable which allows your body to continue to regulate its flow of air and heat. It is elastic so the fabric will soften and curve with your body to make it very comfortable to wear. It is odour-absorbing so your body smells are trapped inside and released during washing.

In our warmer climate wool clothing definitely has a place in our wardrobes. Choose fine Australian merino wool, open-fronted vests or cardigans. This will allow for a flow of air and still keep the warmth close to your organs.

Here is a picture of me at 17 modelling an outfit I made. A beautiful lined straight skirt and a jacket with peplum and embroidery in royal blue wool dupion. You can also see my brother on the wool bales in our shearing shed.

As the winter fades we may still enjoy wool clothing in the evenings and mornings. I have many beautiful light merino jumpers and vests all ready for their new homes. Stash them away for next season. PM me to visit the Dress Den!

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