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Women's WellBeing & the Feminine Arts

She gave me a Mission to -

Reignite the Flame of Joy and Repair the Bonds of Affection.

Through Feminine Art!

Beginning with a focus on Dance. Oh yeah baby lets groove!

Kat's leadership on the dance floor in providing us with a Groove session was absolutely jam packed with JoyFullness.

Flame of Joy Ignited Yippee!

The sharing circle was a container of vulnerability and support. We were privileged to have a little bub in the belly and a very young woman. The range of sharing was exquisite and rich. Tears and laughter, support and silent listening. There is such unspeakable, indescribable magic in the circle.

We completed with a ritual of connection and commitment in pairs. Each woman offered the other an opportunity to be of service in connection over the next month.

Bonds of Affection Repaired Woohoo!

These words streamed through as I woke the morning after the cauldron of our Women's Gathering.

Creative Change Codes

'The urgency to create is Paramount! Our creativity pouring through in words, songs, drawings or baskets carries an invisible code that remains within them.

These codes come from our infinite source and then ripple out into the world with an unbreakable bond. They forge connection with other items of creative life force and they become the energy of change.

Our humble creativity becomes a definite direction of change ignited by one woman, one poem, one basket, one song, one drawing at a time... streaming from one infinite source.'

Our Next Gathering is focusing on SONG, Songstress Chaitanya will come support us in singing up a storm of Love. Please do Register Now and grab the Super early bird ticket at $15.

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