Soul Modes Women's Mentoring

Soul Modes Women's Mentoring

Soul Modes is a Refreshing New Platform in the Women's Coaching and Mentoring Field developed by Carlie Maree.


Soul Modes connects to qualities innate within feminine core beings that come form the principles of the feminine. Theses qualities connect woman to her infinite and timeless qualities. The modes have four relatable names that become the compasses of the heart. Soul Modes is not connected to menstrual or moon cycles, or archetypes, though can companion with these modalities.

There is an alive kindness and ingenious depth to the principles of Soul Modes that offer women and her family a pathway to bringing in the exponential potential of her genius, while staying anchored in softness and connectivity to her innate feminine heart.

Soul Modes kindles self awareness so that women develop self mastery through the nuances of energetic signatures of the Modes.

These modes are Wild, Bear, Super and Sparkle and they unfold in this sequence. The modes offer women a path to move forward beyond conditioning and into an exquisite current of brilliance.

Wild Mode offers a woman to see through her everyday life and into her future, visioning her next horizon with ruthless untamed splendor.

Bear Mode offers a woman a sacred pause where she drops down into the deeper layers of her being where clarifying, cleansing and emptying prepare her for her new momentum.

Super Mode offers a woman the opportunity to kick butt, implementing her next move forward with logical and analytical structures.

Sparkle Mode offers a woman a sweet playful lightness that thrives in the presence of her family, friends and community.

The presence of soul defined guidance in a woman's life can then see her bursting through stagnation and dispelling society's myth about women being noble world leaders in every arena.

Soul Mode attunement can be applied to bring mastery to the areas of:

daily life, family cohesion, business, personal growth, spiritual awakening and relationships. 

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