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Lea Evergreen

I am  Lea 
Mystical & Eternal

Born in rural NSW Australia, an innate love developed within me of the natural ways of outback life.​ Childhood was passed playing with kittens and cousins, driving tractors, yabbying in dams and camping in and climbing the Warrumbungle mountains.

From a lineage of women who delight in textile artistry, I was taught to sew with a machine and by hand at a young age. Creating with my hands is my ancestral golden gift.

Moving to Coastal NSW I fell in love with coastal headlands, rain forests and vast beach stretches.


​Young adult years saw me graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Teaching and become a mother to four children.​ My career at this time was full time mother and part time preschool teacher.​ During the mid adult years I spent time studying conscious and natural ways of Parenting, Heartfelt Communication and Tantra.

All these passions move through the fabric of this creative fun awakened family life.

I teach  'The Form Reality Practice', a fluid movement meditation that blossoms the entirety of the being into precious awakening.


You may also find me writing poetry, walking in the forest, weaving and making delicious deserts.​​

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