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She Weaves

Unexpectedly I fell crazy in love with weaving from my very first basket!

I love the feel of natural fibres running through my fingers, the rhythmic flow of the stitches, the endless creative possibilities and the meditative state that one falls into.

I love the circles of women chattering,  friendships that form, the nourishing care expressed and the bursting wild excitement as the creative juices flow.

In 2015 I learnt to weave from Kate Rydge and Ingrid Riverstone of 'Bare Weaving'.  In 2016 I was introduced to Kate's adopted mother Roslyn, from an Arnhem land lineage of master weavers.  Roslyn is one of the dearest people I have ever meet, her hugs have the warmth of eternity in them. To weave with her is the epitome of Magic!

During Lockdown of 2020 I enjoyed Catriona Pollard's online weaving courses and in 2021 lockdown I devoured Harriot Goodall Weaving Course and I then found myself becoming steady and solid in the weaving techniques. 

As my Mother watched along she began to remember that in our family ancestry she had uncovered two family members who had been weaving artisans in the 17th Century England. My forefathers Samuel and William Mudford from Cornwall were revered textile weavers artisans and craftsman. They traveled extensively studying and teaching weaving!


With many hours of playful experimenting and mischief I saw my own unusual nuances appear in baskets. 


My curiosity about basketry is never complete and I am always listening and watching for the stories that baskets and women weave as they gather together to enjoy these ancient arts. 


Thank you for facilitating your beautiful basket weaving workshop.      

                        The nurturing foot massage, delicious food, soft music and colourful dyed natural fibres coming into form as a basket. 

I found the sharing of stories, wisdom and experiences to be deeply feminine and grounding into a sense of self that is both timeless and new in the same moment. 

It was a real sense of returning to soul tribe and inner truth wisdoms.

I am loving my basket weaving process!!

Immense gratitude. 

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