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The Form Reality Practice
Lea Evergreen Awaken

It's my deep nature and love of consciousness and truth that opened me to a path of heartfelt conscious movement.


I am a teacher of gentle movements that open profound states of expansiveness called 

The 'Form Reality Practice' and 'CosmoForm' which are a series of structured sequential codes that move the deeper body into oneness with our deepest source.


In knowing this fullness the body becomes truly embodied as a temple of love. 


I feel, free and in absence of the busy mind, inner critic that might otherwise persist in the background. I feel love for self, for others and of life. 

A seeming simple dance that moves inner and outer mountains. The Form and my experience to date gives me freshly inspired faith of the Hearts of our World and for our beautiful planet. "

In gratitude Laura

        I want to give appreciation to my teachers -Bernie Prior  of, from whom The Form originated and 

        Dr Pee Tek Chan of

'The Form opens deep into our integral self, transforming and transcending individual limitations and past patterning. Activating the inner healer, dissolving and uplifting subconscious fear and trauma into the light of conscious knowing and awareness.

This is a practical reality in Self Mastery, awakening us to our highest potential and the majesty of our true creativity in responding to life, love and relationship challenges.

Demonstrating our innate capacity in moving our human body as a living powerful prayer beyond words, sourcing from the deepest Origin of Love'. - Dr Pee Tek Chan 


'The Form Reality Practice matches your deep Knowing as Awareness with the movement of your life, giving you unending access to profound Consciousness creating profound forms as the expression of your Being.

It speeds up the process of you knowing that you are Divine and entering that place.

The Form brings about the awakening of YOU as Awareness-Knowing having a body, having a self, moving Life forward.'  - B Prior

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