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Welcome to this website where

Sacred Living through Art and Awareness is shared. 


Lea Evergreen - She Weaves



My golden gift is connecting Heart and Hands through- 
Traditional Basket Weaving and a
Movement Meditation called 'The Form Reality Practice'.

This is the resting place to explore the offerings of  Lea Evergreen 'She Weaves'. 


These services are created to provide educational services for healing and growth so that men and women can respond with self leadership, deeply knowing the Source of Well Being as the foundation of Sacred Living. 

These offerings include:

1. Teaching the Art of Basketry, by keeping alive an ancient way of weaving including connection to land and plant knowledge. 


2. Women's WellBeing and The Feminine Arts sessions, bring women into connection with art as a way of deeply knowing Self.


3. Teaching a movement meditation called ‘The Form Reality Practice’, which opens the heart, grounds the body and integrates our daily life into a living prayer of love. 

Crisis becomes collective cosmic calmness, stress becomes sweet sensual slowness, busyness becomes beingness of the beyond, adrenaline becomes attuned awareness and the paradox of pain becomes the potency of life.


This brings forth harmony, vibrancy, bonding and kinship - evoking the eternal mystery of Communion in relationship to Self.

Women's WellBeing & the Feminine Arts Workshops




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