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I warmly welcome you to this online nest of Offerings

Connecting Hearts and Hands

This is the resting place of  Lea Evergreen 'She Weaves', where -


Crisis becomes collective cosmic Calmness,

Stress becomes sweet sensual Slowness,

Busyness becomes beingness of the Beyond,

Adrenaline becomes attuned awareness and the

Paradox of pain becomes the potency of Life.

My offerings include - 

The Form Reality Practice

As a Movement Meditation Teacher I share ‘The Form Reality Practice’,

which opens the heart, grounds the body and integrates our daily life into a living prayer of love. 

She Weaves

As a weaving teacher I share the Art of Basketry, by keeping alive

an ancient way of weaving including connection to land and plant knowledge. 

She Sews

As a seamstress I enjoy mending, altering and upcycling clothes in the community to return clothing to functional living garments that are loved in your wardrobe.

She Writes

As a poetess I have a unique way with words write poetry and blogs that share my love of the eternal deep mystic heart 

 Women's Mentoring 

Together we unravel your deep inner knowing

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