Lea Evergreen Mentor

Sacred Living Women's Mentoring

My style of Mentoring is to dance alongside you with mischievous grace.


I will listen when you need to be listened to, lead when you need leading, laugh when there is humor, cry with you when there are tears, cheer when there are celebrations, sooth when your nervous system is agitated, educate when you need information, dare when you are scared and defy when you are hesitant. Together we will unravel your deep inner knowing of your highest calling.

I am a lover of  deep conversation and bask in cultivating relationships, being at ease with the full expression of human emotions and knowing the value of releasing through crying and self expression. I have a life long interest in the softness and subtleties of the inner world of the feminine heart.


Spending years learning many modalities and teaching myself skill not gained in Universities or in my childhood, I have studied and learnt alongside some of the world most quietly profound leaders in the fields of tantra, communication, parenting, relationships and awakening. 


My life has been an initiation of brokenness and loss that takes me into the place of Self Mastery. I am knowing that I have a genuine gift of supporting women who are transforming through the process of spiritual awakening. Well before now I have been taking on this role in every day circumstances, with a calling to be of service in ways that uplift humanity. 

I have three types of mentoring that can be experienced separately or as a whole.

Please read these offerings below and be in touch if you have any more questions!  Love Lea

One month package, includes 4 sessions $444

7 Days Voxer voice messenger support $77

24 hours Voxer voice messenger support $24

Lea Evergreen Soul Modes Mentor

Soul Modes Mentoring

Four Compasses of the Heart

1 on 1 Mentoring


Soul Modes is a Refreshing New Platform in the Women's Mentoring Field.


I was drawn to study Soul Modes because I could see a alive kindness, and ingenious depth to the principles of Soul Modes.  


In this four week package I will walk alongside you as we delve into the four states of beingness that naturally arise in women.


We will learn to calibrate and celebrate the innate gifts and genius qualities that can be honed into beautiful faceted gems.


This then will have you seeing your life with the eyes of the heart.


You will  begin living  from a place of

*wild untamedness

*deep grace 

*super efficiency and

*sweet lightness.

These four states become the four compasses of the heart!

You can read more about Soul Modes at www.carliemaree.com

Sacred Living Mentoring

Awaken the Heart 

1 on 1 Mentoring

My absolute Joy is to walk alongside those who are undergoing deep spiritual transformation and Awakening.


I see myself as a spiritual pioneer and companion to those who are -

* anchoring their spiritual growth in the deep core of their Being and Life

* called to know more of their depth through living life beyond the norms and into meaningfulness, heartfulness and groundlessness.

* knowing that integrating the daily life includes opening into the relationships with children and beloved others

* experiencing the body as a temple of love that is awakening to a vessel of pure streams of Love

*  see their path as one that include moving forward to new horizons, embracing lovingly while moving  the traumas, challenges, trials and heartbreak.

*  opening  into the wonders that heartbreak and breakdowns can reveal about a new you.

Each session will include a blend of deep listening, empathy, sharing, suggestions and a tailored movement meditation perfect for the moment.

Please contact me to create your unique spiritual mentoring package!

Basketry Mentoring

 Weave Yourself Home

1 on 1 Mentoring Package 

I share with you practical skills to weave a basket and spiritual principles to support you on the journey of creativity.  

You will learn the skills necessary to weave a coil or twining basket via four in person meetings:

1. beginning a basket and basic stitches

2. adding in new fibres

3. shaping and finishing the basket 

4. collecting and processing native fibres or choosing manufactured fibres

The Weaving and Mentoring Package is to support the creative process as you bask in all the ways a basket will grow you! This happens via Voxer Messaging where I am available from 9am- 5pm, 5 days a week for one month or the duration of your basket.