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Get your weaving kit sorted!

When you absolutely fall in love with weaving and there is no going back you will need a Weavers Kit!

Heres what you will need -

1 A basket - to carry all your goodies in !

2 Needles - large blunt needles for coil weaving and some large sharp needles for fibre processing

3 Needle Storage - to safely store your needs in. I suggest also using a magnet to keep them all together.

4 Scissors - you will need a small pair of sharp scissors

5 Ties - you will need something to tie bundles of fibre with, rubber bands or pieces of string

6 Spray bottle - you will need this to moisten your fibres on hot days

7 Bucket - you will need a strong bucket with a handle that can hold boiling water to soak your fibres

8 Fibre Bundle - you will need a way to store and protect your precious fibres, I have made myself a fibre bundle from a piece of fabric with ties to hold all my precious fibres in safely.

9 Large Saucepan - you will need a large saucepan to do dyeing and boiling of fibres in. Its best if its not your general kitchen saucepans.

Tongs - for handling very hot fibres

Whoohoo now that you have gathered all this together you can arrive at your next weaving workshop feeling like a Prepared Pro!

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