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The Fragrance of Words

Breathing more than Breath

Fragrance more than Perfume

Knowing more than Words.

Words stream in

carried on golden wings

treasures from far away

ancient highways.

Words more precious

than the letters they contain

and the grammar that contains them.

They become my fragrant offering

at your feet beloved one

of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

The Golden Frequency of Source

that streams from no beginning and no end

on an endless current of goodness

direct to my heart inbox.

The fragrance of frankincense

encoded in resinous tears

with a sacred anointing of feet

for the new birth that flies freely in me.

The medicine of Myrrh

extracted from sap

to become a soothing embalmment

for the sacred completions are put to rest in me.

I am Life

that is pregnant with

seeds of beginning

and sacred completions

all carried on the wings of Golden source.

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