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The Ripeness of Darkness

When life is utterly dark

And there is no way out,

No light to be seen

In the placeless place

Of true healing;

Know that when there is

No compass to orient to;

It has to be this way

It's better that you know this

So that you can make friends

With the darkness,

Converse with the nothingness.

We need this healing from the darkness

To rupture our faculties,

To repair our faults

And remove old operating systems.

If we know the descent

Into darkness as the delight

Of our depth calling us;

We wont resist, distract or abort

The upgrades or fear.

We will cheer on

As the crumbling rumbles

And steer our way into deep dark depths.


The darkness is not depression.

Rather a block out of the sensory world, that then enables women to descend into a deeper place of the inner world that sits below her everyday physical world.

It's not technically below in a spacial descriptive way.

Often the body becomes heavier and the centre of gravity drops.

She experiences less sensations and circuits in the upper body, she experiences more circuitry in the lower body.

When the feminine principle of the cosmos that is ripe for birthing and creation lands in the female body, it pulls downwards to enter the birth canal and crown through the womb space with the flow of gravity.

She bears down, dilates and opens her pelvis as a portal to new beginnings and universes.

As she goes past the material dimensions she finds herself pulled into earth's gravitational field, and she is sucked into a new matrix of mother earth. Her body must go through mother earth's birth canal to reach her new birthing land.


One of the ways I enjoy reaching out to others is by sharing my poetry and words of wisdom. The whispers of wisdom generate from my own inner experiences traversing all the passages of lightness and darkness.

Do you also enjoy writing? Does it support you to integrate all that is moving within? If so you might enjoy the gathering with poet and author Rachel Faith. Please do read Rachel's event description below - it is worth reading for pure literary delight!

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