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She brings something New through

Art work by Felicity Skye

In the years that I have been operating this Preloved clothing store called 'Dresses In The Deep' I have noticed some commonalities in what women say when they have finished with their clothes as they bring them to me for consignment.

She is saying,

'I am cleaning out my wardrobe of all the clothes that I no longer wear' or

'They no longer suit me' or

'They no longer express who I am'.

Being a creature of The Deep I always hear deeper within the underbelly of her words to hear how she is evolving.

Despite being modern women with many opportunities to have worldly possessions, the women I meet want less complicated lives and more simplicity. They want to truly live at one with the essence of all they are in the truth of their being.

There seems to be a very natural impulse to empty, to let go, to shed skins, to unzip and untie old parts of themselves no longer needed. A woman's wardrobe seems to become a symbolic token of this internal process.

She begins to dance within the emptiness and find freedom from all the ways she has limited herself.

She finds fertile fullness embedded in the emptiness.

And in the blind consuming process of emptying something new comes through.

She picks a light seed and draws it up to the highest light.

She finds a new code to embody this seed.

It resides in her openness.

And She begins to live what is in the opening.

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