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Why are the whispers of the heart so strong in the Winter?

As Winter has approached in all its faltering stages, it has left me pondering the significance of the changing energies of the earth that are also within myself. It seems I am a completely different being at this time of the year, that there is a completely different orientation to the meaningfulness of awakening.

There is a call that is both poignant and precious as well as desperate and insistent. The call begins as a whisper and if I ignore it the sound raises in decibels.

The heart message has a desperate quality with no tolerance for ignorance. I am being called to listen immediately. To take action now.

The urgent call to action has this one dropping the pace. Adrenaline echoes of the walls falling in a miserable heap. I Enjoying knitting and drawing. Dining with the pets in the garden. Calling on friends for meaningful cuppa conversations.

I have begun to enjoy time in a rest nook I created for myself with a blanket, sheepy, bolsters, and a basket for lavender, incense , matches and an eye pillow. I make it my sacred station that I can drop into anytime. It seems necessary that I not just sit and rest but to completely lay down in savasana pose, surrendering completely to many deaths.

As the earth's downwards gravitational pull seems intensifies, as though She herself the earth mother is pulling me within and waking up the heart in this hug. Why are the hearts whispers so strong in the winter I wonder? And as I pondered. I heard these words -

'The earth is the living energetic presence of cosmic love

and her endeavour is to give form to a divine human expression.' B Prior

I get panicky and anxious wondering if my business will still thrive if I take more rests. I have only this one chance to listen and completely follow the inwards pull. I wonder if I will return as the depth within becomes so delicious, warm and intimate. The knowing of deeper dimensions becomes the pivot point of the most meaningful moments.

Depth becomes the ONLY necessity and I am desperate for that. Within the depths there are roaring opportunities to see how to navigate a life lived with passionate service to humanity. And each pointer must be picked up from the deep and brought into human reality and lived.

As I was becoming very aware of all these energies within I heard these words -

'The gravitational pull of this earth is totally connected with the human heart, whether we know this or not.

Our choices determine how humanity behaves, what it manifests and how it lives.

When the heart is completely closed because we use thoughts and images of the past to determine how we move, then the electromagnetic field enegises that movement , manifests that movement.

We determine what a human being belongs to - love and truth or a separate senssed me.

Thats why its really true when we begin to function as a movement of heart, that the heart must have our life.

The the heart having a life changes the whole field that lives the earth.

Because our heart is now registering the vibrations of human kindness.

So we directly affect the development and evolution of the humanity in where we come from.

The gravitational pull is to pull you into your highest state of evolving consciousness and manifestation.

Your heart and mind is in your hands and body.' B Prior

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